For Industry

Technical Project and Fixed Assets Management

If you need any help in planning or executing your project, let us know.
We will support your project with its processing in the modern and efficient way in order to optimize and control your process on every stage.

Construction & Machanical Engineering

At RDTC, we are able to support you since the beginning of the concept, during construction, material purchase, delivery and also launch and maintenance.

Control & Analysis Services

On behalf of the company, we can check how your subcontractors work.
We are focused on four main factors: cost, time, quality and safety

CAPEX and OPEX - Budgetary Planning

With regard to the years of our partners' experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next accuracy level.
We combine our insights and skills to calculate for your project CAPEX and OPEX.


The efficient IT management in your production process is one of the most important key to success.
Optimize or implement our knowledge capacity and IT experience into your structure.


We support our partners with increasing the OSH standards in a workplace.
We also assess the quality of all the services that are provided to our clients considering those standards.

Purchasing Consulting

Do you need evaluate the offers?
Do you need to check the quality factors of technical purchasing?
Maybe you are looking for an argument to cancel the contract?
By all of these reasons we can support you.

Environmental Protection

Do you want to check the environmental documentation in your company?
Maybe calculate the pollution taxes?
Prepare the documentation for a new investment?
Just ask us and we will introduce you to our specialized team.


We posses the experience with working with analytical labs.
We cooperate only with accreditation bodies.
Please let us knew what kind of test you are interested in.


Do you need to involve the measuring documentation into your project?
You need geological, bathymetric or UXO analysis?
Check out our qualified partners.


Light lift?
Heavy lift (50T +)?
The relocation of the industrial lines?
Logistical machinery?
Let us help you and support with our specialized team.


We cooperate with energy traders.
If your company use the coal, oil or gas fuel- please do not hesitate to contact us.


Is your management of waste proper?
Are the right subcontractors responsible for all the permissions that are required?
Economic governance experts with reference to the recycling are waiting to help you.


Some troubles with the lack of technical arguments?
We verify the accident reports and support you to find the right line of defense.
If it is needed, we will organize the dedicated team of entitled persons to support your company.
This service is also dedicated for the industry - we support them to prepare the right accident reports for the insurance companies.


We cooperate with companies specialized in technical cleaning process with high level of technical risk.
The success and customer satisfaction base on specialized machinery and qualified people.
We have technology to clean the tanks and heat exchangers.

Certified Translations

Are you looking for manuals translation?
What if there is an expert who needs to be translated immediately?


Are you insecure whether your publication has any technical errors?
Let us review them for you.
We can also represent your company in the field of PR technical assistance.